IP’s Key Profitability Areas

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On the border between January & February 2010, Key Profitability Areas (1/2) and Key Profitability Areas (2/2) introduced the areas Integrated Profitability will cover. Beginning with “2. Concepts” on February 8, 2010 (1. Background & Introduction had been essentially covered in Integrated Profitability), each of the “17 + 1” areas were introduced, always on a Monday,  and usually followed during the week by articles related to each area.

Again, here are the IP Key Profitability Areas:

1. Purpose & Background

provides the history behind launching Integrated Profitability

2. Concepts

covers concepts used to design and manage Integrated Profitability MIS

3. Integration

delves into the “what,” “how,” and “why” of integration

4. Time

lays out the many different kinds of time used in profitability management

5. Language

emphasizes the importance of language

6. Ethics & Values

describes the importance of integrity in managing businesses and organizations

7. Knowledge

discusses the importance of knowledge in an ever changing environment

8. Information

deals with aspects of information, from initial creation to ultimate use

9. Technology

promotes the role and responsibility of systems in Integrated Profitability

10. Personnel & Human Nature

covers the importance of the fundamental source of any company’s profitability: its personnel and the importance of the human nature staff brings to work

11. External World

outlines the world within which the company exists; includes everything outside the legal organizational structure of the company

12. Risk

examines everything that can harm a company or any organization, with a particular focus on those events and conditions that adversely impact profitability

13. Financial

delves into the finance function of a company, with a focus on work that directly supports profitability reporting, planning, and analysis

14. Management

provides an overview of the management role

15. Business Functions

describes each of the many different functions used by companies and organizations to maximize the generation of profit and profitability

16. Reporting

reviews and elaborates on the type of reporting used for understanding and managing profitability

17. Process

encompasses all manner of processes used within an organization to get work done; includes techniques used in different disciplines, especially with profitability reporting, research, and analysis

51. Other

any and everything that doesn’t fit in the first seventeen


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